Review: Making Your Home a Living Part of the Environment

Residing in high-rise condominiums has become the new norm in family and bachelorhood living. Although it is not for everyone, more and more choose this form of real-estate ownership and social dynamic, for many obvious reasons. Aside from the conveniences it provides in proximity to primary utilities, such public transportation, schools, malls, entertainment centers and offices, it also allows owners to maintain a compact and well-secured housing unit without much hassles common in other traditional homes.

Consider the effort others have to put up in keeping a lawn or a garden in good condition? A minimum of two or three hours during weekends and, perhaps, at least half-an-hour a day would probably suffice. But for busy individuals, such time spent on gardening might already be too much of a luxury. Still, every person has a need to keep in touch with nature or have a mini-vacation place at home where a few minutes can be had to connect with the invisible soil two or more stories downstairs or to meditate toward the sky at night or during the early morning hours. Such precious moments spent reconnecting with Mother Nature without going to the nearest park can do a lot to relieve stress and to regain mental balance.

Here are a few tips on what one can do to achieve this goal:

1. Being one with the elements

Walls may protect us from the elements; but they could also keep us from the essential benefits of the elements, which include sunlight, wind, rain and space. Cuddling up in bed in the early morning may be one of the best sources of literal comfort and rest; however, embracing the new day with everything that it offers might be what one needs to start a day properly. Invigorating your eyes gradually with the soft light of dawn, breathing in the less-dusty air of early morning and exercising your vision to focus alternately on distant and nearby objects minus the glaring sunlight can all be what a person needs to greet the world and welcoming its surprises with a healthy body and a wholesome attitude.

2. Growing plants

This is an obvious one. However, while we started with ourselves as the main avenue toward regaining our link to nature, becoming part of nature’s process requires us becoming stewards of her children, not just ourselves and our fellow human beings. Pets may be a good alternative; but people have a tendency to make humans out of pets (pet barbers, pet cemeteries, pet hospitals, etc.). With plants, we can delineate or detach ourselves from such beautiful things while retracing our very existence to their life. Which means, focus on potted plants you can consume (spices lettuce, tomatoes and some veggies). The cycle of planting, harvest and consuming will help us, especially children, remember our inevitable communion with the land which supports all life.

3. Art that grows and inspires

Almost any art form can help us maintain a healthy and balanced connection with nature while dwelling high-above the busy streets of the city. For those who own condos out in the suburban area, a picture window to a peaceful lake may be more precious than a Van Gogh painting. But even populated cities can have a unique charm of their own that reminds us of our link with nature. Taking up a hobby, such as painting can open up our lives to nature’s beauty while beautifying our homes with such creative works. A self-made mural on a room wall, no matter how simple or amateurish, of a mountain or a forest may provide that peek into nature in the confines of one’s home while having a personal stake on the symbolic creation. While such art may be inanimate, its power to enable us and inspire us to become better individuals proves our oneness with nature which is constantly renewing.

Nature’s creativity is in all of us. Tapping into it does not require much investment or talent. The Peterson Group believes in the creativity of its company and its people to help others appreciate modern living in their Bespoke Condominiums and Residences.

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